23 September 2011

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The Soapbox
We live in a fast moving technological age where things change at such a pace, it’s almost impossible to keep up. We have the internet, i-pods, i-pads, social networks like Facebook, Twitter, Tweets, Blue tooth, Blackberry’s. The whole world around us is in constant flux, speedily evolving, ever changing, There’s the Arab Spring in the near East, the debt crisis in Europe, (especially Greece), the youth running riot in London and Athens. We here in Napier have not been spared change in our little village either. So many of us yearn for the good old days when safety and security was taken totally for granted, but those days are gone and there can be no moving backwards. All we can do is to make sure we are vigilant and arm ourselves with the information at hand so as to meet these new challenges head on.
At the residents meeting at Grobbelaar Hall last week, two issues became very apparent:
1) Many people who live in Napier know little or nothing of what really happens in their village.
2) A lot of residents see Nuwerus as an entity far removed from their every day reality.

Both of these issues will have to be seriously addressed if we are to find lasting solutions to the new ill’s that pervade our lives and our thoughts. The Napier Natter commits to help to address these problems in any way it can.

Security matters
Eddie Cassani says…
Please note that police officers will be patrolling on foot from 12 to 7am on random nights.

Dee Robinson says:
‘While we are waiting for formal Watches to be established, why don’t volunteers from each street in Napier be proactive and get out there and compile lists of names and addresses of people in their street’s – as well as those who are incapacitated, who are weekenders, full timers, etc. ‘

Don’t wait for someone else to do it – get out there!

Theunie says:
Urgent – Do not accept free key holders at service stations – some have tracking devices by which you can be followed. Already happening in Jo’burg and Durbs!

If you find a child crying on the road showing his/her address and asking you to take him/her to that address, immediately take that child to the police station and please DO NOT take the child to the address that he/she asks!
It could be a set up to lure you into a trap.

A Sporting Chance
At the Grobbelaar Hall meeting, the issue was raised there are not enough sporting facilities and clubs for the youth to belong to, to keep them of the streets. Herewith an abridged version of an article by Patrick Seeton – published in Southern Post on 26 Aug 2011:
Protea cricketers under construction but they need YOUR help!
NAPIER – Here is a sports initiative for the entire region worth noting and deserving of support.
Napier resident and one of the prime movers behind the Cape Agulhas Sports and Education Trust – CASET – Frank Hawks, explains the thrust behind the move is to develop youth interest in sport and cultural activity.
For now the focus is cricket as the initiative moves into its second season in generating an interest in healthy participation in sport.
There are several people in the village adding their support to training including two members of the local South African Police Services, Ian Behr and Jaco Kriel.
According to Frank a highlight of this second season of cricket will be a Boland Cricket Union coaching clinic to which all schools in the region would be invited to attend.
Among the sponsors of equipment for the initiative has been the Lombardi Trust which has already provided cricket bags, togs and clothing. More benefactors are needed and ultimately Frank would like to see the introduction of a suitable vehicle to convey participants in the outreach on cultural outings and to sports meetings.
Hawks also sees the initiative embracing netball and extending itself to even stocking of school libraries. For instance, the Protea Primary School in Napier has space earmarked for a library but there are no books.
Those wishing to participate in this initiative or feel a need to contribute in some manner may be in touch with Frank Hawks on 082 773 0024 or email another hands-on mentor, Julian Reed at 2jamreed@gmail.com."

Did you know – Napier/Nuwerus has it’s very own soccer club, allowing kids of all ages to participate in this sport. They meet regularly at the sports club in Nuwerus.

A dogs life – Napier Handicraft Club.
Tina and Simone will be giving a demonstration of working dogs doing obedience and competition exercises. The demonstration will be preceded by a short introduction about the Kennel Union of SA and how they judge the dogs plus the method of training them.
Time: 09h45   Date: 27 Sept 2011  Where: Grobbelaar Hall behind Retirement Village
Entrance free and everyone welcome.

On a musical note
Rouel Beukes tree op in die NG Kerk Napier Saterdag 8 Oktober om 19:30. Kaartjies kos R50 en is beskikbaar by die deure of Johan (0845106614) en Barend (0836118515).Rouel is bekend vir sy talle rolle in operas, musiekblyspele en operettes asook ligte musiek en geestelike musiek.  As Oupa Karel was hy die ster van die rolprent "Liefling" wat onlangs op die kringloop was.
Hy vertolk die rol van Mordegai in die musiekspel "Ester" wat tans in die Staatsteater in Pretoria opgevoer word. Hy gaan 'n wye verskeidenheid liedere sing. Dit is ten bate van die Verenigende Gereformeerde Kerk (VGK) in Napier.

Rouel Beukes will be performing in the Dutch Reformed Church Napier on Saturday 8th October at 19:30.  Tickets are available at the doors or contact Johan (0845106614) or Barend (0836118515).
Admission: R50. Rouel is a very versatile artist and is well known for his many performances in opera, musicals and operettas as well as light music and spiritual music. At present he is performing as Mordecai in the Gospel Musical "Esther", performed at the State Theatre in Pretoria. He will sing "golden oldies" and a variety of songs from different genres. This concert is in aid of the Uniting Reformed Church (URC)

Matters Botanical
The  Bot. Soc have had a pretty busy year so far and we are very pleased that so many more members of our community in the Overberg are joining in our activities, both members and non members. We had a very good trip to The Agulhas National Park recently, definitely a place to visit again and again. Emmerentia de Kock and her staff and all the voluntary rangers we met were helpful, friendly and knowledgeable. The park has lovely places to rent for overnight stays and lots of beautiful walks and drives.
Unfortunately our trip to Ziekoeivlei with Peter Albertyn had to be postponed due to the lovely rain we had just before the weekend planned. We did try to reschedule but there is so much going on that it proved impossible and now the best of the spring flowers are over so we will make it something to look forward to next year.
There are still lovely things to see in the veld but the year is creeping towards summer and our trips out will naturally decrease in number. That does not mean that we will be inactive. Watch out for announcements of interesting talks and other events.

Stephen Smuts our extremely busy chairman has recently been to the AGM of the Botanical Society of South Africa which was held in Durban. There they elected members of the council and discussed the future of the Botanical Society and how to move forward and keep up to date in a fast changing world. We may be tucked away in a quiet corner of the country but we still have a voice.
So, please think about joining us. It is not a very demanding organization, even if you don’t always turn up for our events, the greater our numbers the bigger our voice in helping to protect our unique flora. You will also be able to visit National Botanical Gardens for free, you will receive a copy of our informative……and easy to read ….magazine, Veld and Flora, 4 times a year and get a discount at Kirstenbosch shop for all kinds of books, calendars, cards and lovely gifts in there. All this for an individual membership of R315 p.a or, if you are lucky enough to be 65 years old, just R195. Speak to any of the committee or visit the website www.botanicalsociety.org.za. Remember the BotSoc is not just for botanists. It’s for all who just love and want to protect our wonderful wildflower heritage. You don’t need a degree in botany for that.
Thank you to all for your support. We look forward to seeing you at our next gathering.
Lyn Hawkins 028 423 3672    Louise Hislop 028 423 3512   Sarah Foyle  028 423 3358

17 – 23 OCTOBER 2011. National Marine day - 21 October 2011

Marine hike
Brandfontein to Rietfontein se Baai
18 October 2011 9:00 – 16:00

Close encounters of the Marine kind
21 October 2011 15:00 – 16:00
Oral presentation by and a walk with Prof Gavin Maneveldt
(Department of Biodiversity & Conservation Biology,
University of the Western Cape)
Agulhas National Park
16:30 – 18:00
Rocky shore walk at Stinkbaai, L’Agulhas
For more information please contact Emmerentia De Kock
at 028-4356078 during office hours

“THE VILLAGE” Bridge Club is looking for new members.
Perhaps you haven’t played bridge for 30 years!! Most of us were in that position, and are now back in the swing of enjoying 1 or 2 games a week.
Or perhaps you would like to play, but only have time for once or twice a month.
No problem, we are always looking for people to fill in when players are off to Cape Town or have guests.
On the other hand, perhaps you would like to learn to play this absorbing game.
If any of these apply, please phone 0284233076 or 0825636642.
At the Village Bridge Club, bridge is conducted in a friendly manner - with respect for the other players, and particularly your partner. No acrimonious post mortems or arguments will be tolerated.

Natter Smalls Natter Smalls Natter Smalls Natter Smalls Natter Smalls

  1. Kevin Trudeau’s Mega Memory box set for sale. Set contains all 9 audio cassettes, 1 workbook and 1 pocket guide. It’s the most complete course on long-term memory expansion and its yours for R50. Will drop off locally. Call Olwyn on 082 875 6473
  2. Looking for charitable donations of children’s clothes. All sizes appreciated. All proceeds go to Huis Klippe Drift. Please call Olwyn on 082 875 6473.

One man's junk is another man's treasure!
We pick up all unwanted items FREE of charge – big and small.
Items will be re-cycled, up-cycled or donated to charity.
Areas covered: Napier and Bredasdorp households.
Keep a clear space and a clear conscience!
Contact Natalie on 082 708 0172 / 028 423 3049 or clearmystuff@yahoo.com

Food for though
‘Sacred cows make the best hamburger’ - Mark Twain
‘There is no sincerer love - than the love of food’
- George Bernard Shaw
‘Never eat more than you can lift’.
- Miss Piggy, Muppet extraordinaire

‘My doctor told me to stop having intimate dinners for four unless there are three other people.’  - Orson Welles, author.

‘Everything you see I owe to spaghetti’. - Sophia Loren, actress

‘The most remarkable thing about my mother is that for thirty years she served the family nothing but leftovers. The original meal has never been found.’- Calvin Trillin, writer

This week in History

The Mayflower sets sail for America in 1620

Gandhi begins his hunger strike in 1948

Kruschchev becomes the first Soviet leader to visit the United States in 1959
On 23 Sept 1875, Billy the Kid is arrested for the first time after stealing a basket of laundry. He eventually earning a reputation as an outlaw and murderer and a rap sheet that allegedly included 21 murders.

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