31 August 2011

Hi All

Hi all – we have a special edition of the Napier Natter this week to ask for your support.


I’m sure all of us have walked into the Napier butchery at some time or another, perhaps totally unaware of the deep sadness that permeates the lives of the owners, Anton and Adele. They have twins who are eleven years old.

One of them, Anél, has Cystic Fibrosis, a life threatening genetic disease.


Everyday of this child’s life begins with a nebulizer as well as a physiotherapy session. Pancreatic enzymes, pills for the liver, pills to prevent infection and ulcers are part of her normal breakfast routine and then another 15 tablets during the day. To date, Anel has suffered liver enlargement, serious lung infections, and bleeding in the lungs. Despite all this, she remains a positive and happy child.


The cost of the ongoing treatment is astronomical and impacts hugely on the family.


Just imagine this was someone close to you…


This is an appeal for your support and an opportunity to show that Napier cares.


Spring is Life – Garden party in aid of Anél.


Where:          Oudebakoven Napier (Elma de Kock’s garden)

When:            Sat 3 Sept at 11.00am

Dress:           Cheerful spring outfit with a hat.

Cost:              R100 per person


Come and enjoy a relaxing morning with violin music and singing.

High tea will be served.

Beautiful handmade jewelry will be raffled.


Guest speaker (in Afrikaans) will be Maretha Giliomee.


Should you be unable to attend but wish to make a donation instead, please contact Jolanda Fick.


Enquiries:    Jolanda Fick  028 423 3736 or 083 718 5503

Thank you
Mark Kerr

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