12 August 2011

Hi All

The soap box
At times living in a small village can cause dissociative tendencies and, although often we find ourselves being shocked and disgusted by events in the ‘outside world’- they do seem a long way away with little or no effect on our everyday lives. Take the recent horrific rioting in the United Kingdom as a case in point.
Or the ongoing Julius Malema saga!
A new home- owner in our village, whose original intention, was to only visit once or twice a month, recently mentioned that he now finds himself wanting to come down here every weekend and finds it most difficult to return to the hum drum of the city come Monday morning. Village life does offer a retreat of sorts, an escape from the bigger world of financial meltdowns, banking crisis, political shenanigans and such like. However, we are not entirely immune to bureaucracy and have ward officials, municipal workers and councilors to deal with. These are the people that keep our systems and administrative processes intact - for the most part. This is an area of life we can never escape from and which we need to be part of. Here’s hoping you voted in the recent ward committee elections and that you take your role in this aspect of village life seriously.

A big thank you ...
Towards the end of last year Club Emmanuel Service Centre for the Elderly started collecting funds for a much needed minibus and with much help we have now managed to purchase a second hand bus. We wish to thank all those Napier residents who opened their hearts and their pockets and donated to this worthy cause, also to Mr/Mrs Honey for their generous help.
Our sincere thanks to “The Farm Stall’, ‘Gunners’, ‘PB Handelaars’, ‘Pascal’s of Napier’ and ‘Midas’ -  Bredasdorp.
Without the generous donation of paint from Chemspec our bus would not have had a re-spray and would have looked very tacky. Many thanks.
A special thank you to Steve Harman without whose help, knowledge and advice we would never have managed to purchase the bus.
Thanks to all!
Please note the Annual General Meeting of Club Emmanuel will take place in the Emmanuel Hall, Volhou Street, on the 25th August at 7pm. All are welcome to attend.

The Committee, Emmanuel Service Centre.

Don't forget ...
The Botanical Society has a trip planned to the Agulhas National Park on  Wednesday 24th August. Limited numbers. Open to members and a guest. It will be a whole day trip led by those who know the park well. Lunch will be approx R70. Call us to book a place. Lyn Hawkins 028 423 3672 Louise Hislop 028 423 3512 Sarah Foyle 028 423 3358

Sorry Sharon
In the last Napier Natter we mentioned the possibility of a “Media House” in the old Pam Golding building. We mentioned that Sharon Baert was considering being part of this initiative but this seems to have been incorrect and David Jones, along with Napier Natter, apologises to Sharon Baert for not consulting with her before placing the notice. Sharon will not be joining the “Media House” co-operative but anyone who is interested to please contact David Jones.

Food for thought
Although ‘Reneessance’ is now closed for the winter months, Renee has opened a new Bistro/café style eatery at the Larder. The Larder Eatery will be open from Tuesday to Saturdays and promises exciting new dishes with a robust and rustic style at affordable prices. And watch out for the monthly Sunday “French peasant “style lunch. Enquiries/Bookings: 082 5777 041

Showing up
Recently Pascal’s of Napier hosted Godfrey Johnson in “The Shadow of Brel” and Napier Natter received the following two letters about the show:

Dear Napier Natter,
I just wanted to share with the folks of Napier the most entertaining and brilliant performance which was given at Pascal's, by Godfrey (?) last Saturday night.
As I headed out of my cosy cottage, Alfred Noyes' poem, "The Highwayman", came to mind.
I kept muttering to myself;

' The wind was a torrent of darkness upon the gusty trees.
The moon was a ghostly galleon tossed upon cloudy seas,'

So, what am I doing, going out on a night like this? Better to stay home. But the table was reserved, the booking made and I have a passion for Jacques Brel. Never could a performer equal that raw and exquisite expression of his. Of that I was convinced. But , with each word of his lyrics firmly embedded in a now ageing memory, I just wanted to hear it all again...live!
I can only speak for myself, the other patrons no doubt will have their own points of view, but for me Godfrey expressed the nuances, the passion and sometimes bitter agony of Jacques Brel's music superbly. What a night and what a performance. We all begged for more...so after a few delightful encores, we later received a promise of a possible return, soon. I shall not miss it, regardless of the weather...you might find that not missing it as well will bring you an evening to remember.
Fleur du Toit – Jubileum Street

Godfrey Johnson’s diamond-sharp performance of classic Jacques Brel songs in the intimate dinner-theatre setting of Pascal’s, Napier, on Saturday, 24th July, was simply electrifying. As Brel fans well know, it is no easy act to deliver this intense material which sweeps the audience along on an emotional roller-coaster ride. Johnson proved himself more than equal to the challenge. His complete command of the material, his effortless and nuanced piano accompaniment, and his…well what to call it? X-factor? Sounds hackneyed I know but how else to describe Johnson’s almost psychic ability to breathe emotional life into memories that were clearly being re-played by his audience as they fell under Brel’s - and Johnson’s - spell. It was a night, and a performance, to treasure – pleasurable, cathartic and weirdly energising. Seize any opportunity to experience this fine artist weaving his magic.
Caro Eardley - Greyton

Getting around.
It seems Napier Natter is spreading it’s wings. Linda Souter from Napier Properties says “I’ve been passing the Napier Natter on to clients and they have in turn passed it on to their contacts.  This is how I received an E mail from St Helena Bay Tourism - requesting that they please be added to your mailing list.”
Thanks St Helena Bay!!

Have you heard the one about...
What did the French chef give his wife for Valentines Day?
A hug and a quiche.

A foolish man tells a woman to stop talking, but a wise man tells her that her mouth is extremely beautiful when her lips are closed.

Quotable Quotes.
If anyone speaks badly of you, live so none will believe it.
– Anon
You laugh at me because I'm different, I laugh at you
because you're all the same. – Unknown

This Week in History

  • In 1969 the Woodstock Festival begins on a dairy farm, New York State.
  • The first Model T Ford rolls off the production lines in the US in 1908.
  • Roosevelt and Churchill signing the 1941 Atlantic Charter.
  • The first bricks of the Berlin Wall are laid in 1961.


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