30 June 2011

Hi all

Wow – June has been a big month for Napier – once again we have had a very successful Patatfees – a huge thank you to the Patatfees committee and all who had a part in organizing this great event. We hosted many people who had never been to Napier before – AND THEY LOVED IT!
Thanks to all the Napierians who took the trouble to make scarecrows which helped make our village so attractive and welcoming.

Another big event in June is our having to say farewell to Craigan and Angela from Suntouched Inn – they have become such a part of Napier over the past few years that it’s difficult to imagine them not being here. Angela has done a marvelous job heading up Agulhas Tourism and has helped put Napier on the map – thank you Angela!
We wish you both the very best in Johannesburg and we are pleased to know that you are NOT selling Suntouched - and that maybe someday you’ll be back.
Keep in touch!!

About town
Well, it seems as if the issue of the Cell C tower that had everybody up in arms a year ago has still not been laid to rest. A new application for consent has been lodged, this time to be erected on the grounds of the old high school. The proposed tower will be 60m in height and will tower over it’s surroundings, affecting the aesthetics of the town, the environment, property prices of homes in the immediate area as well as possible health risks to those living in proximity to the tower. If you feel strongly regarding this issue – contact the municipal manager, Mr Stevens, and let him know!!
Let the Napier Natter know what you think and we will include your comments in the next edition.

Thank you, thank you, thank you!
Aletta from ‘Aletta se Kuierhuis’ and Riana  would like to thank all Napier residents who generously donated paper, cartons, and ’stuff’  for the aftercare centre – they will put these items to very good use during  the holidays.  Please start collecting empty toilet rolls and gift wrap for the December holidays – and if there is anybody or any group who is prepared to make a donation of sweets for either the July or December hols – please contact Aletta.

Lift Needed...
Sarah Foyle is in need of a lift to Cape Town in the morning of Saturday 9th July. If anybody is going to Cape Town, please contact her on 028 423 3358.

THE SOUTHERN OVERBERG BRANCH OF THE BOTANICAL SOCIETY is planning some interesting events over the next couple of months so join up or at the very least make friends with a member and come along and enjoy learning about the unique beauty of our part of the world and how we can all help to protect and preserve it. Your interest alone can make a big difference.

Next event - 26th July - The Plants of Madagascar
Ted Oliver the President of the Botanical Society of S.A and a good friend of our branch will talk about his visit to this unusual island.
7pm at The Bowls Clubhouse.
Entrance plus a bowl of homemade soup is R20 for members and R30 for non members.
Wine will be available
All attendance to any event should be confirmed with one of the following committee members for catering purposes and to check when and where to meet.
Lyn Hawkins  028 423 3672, Louise Hislop 028 423 3512 or Sarah Foyle  028 423 3358.

The Charity Shop in Sarel Cilliers Street (upstairs next to Napier Antiques) appreciate donations of any second hand goods, from pots and pans to old CD’s – clothing to curtains. Your white elephant might be someone else’s dream item. Don’t hoard – put these items to good use in someone else’s home and do your bit for the local charity at the same time!

This week in History...
• Signing of the Treaty of Versailles in 1919
• In 1950, the North Koreans cross the 38th parallel, marking the official outbreak of the Korean war.
• Jim Morrison died on 3rd July 1971

Did you hear the one about...?
* Indubitably
* Preliminarily
* Proliferation

 * Specificity
* Antidisestablishmentarianism
* Loquacious
* Transubstantiate


* Nope, no more booze for me
* Sorry, but you're not really my type
* Oh, no, I just couldn't. No one wants to hear me sing

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