8 June 2011

Folks - here we go with the 1st edition of the Napier Natter - a great thank you to those who sent suggestions, ideas, good wishes and requests. It is only with your input that the Napier Natter will grow into something that reflects both our village and the people in it.

Well, it's that time of year again when the hoards descend on Napier (hopefully!!) for the annual Patatfees. Last year the festival proved hugely successful and the committee - and their helpers - have worked really hard to not only equal, but improve, on last years' event.

The recurring theme of scarecrows was particularly successful in that a large number of businesses and private individuals became involved, ensuring the village was attractive and interesting to all who visited and participated.

Well - we are practically a week and a bit away from the next festival - and hardly any scarecrows are to be seen. It would be a huge positive for the village if many more locals become involved, whether they live on the main road or not.

Create your scarecrows and bring them down the main street - we will be more than happy to put them up for you. If the festival is a success - we all win!!

Let me also take this opportunity to remind you of some of the exciting events taking place at this years' Patatfees:

We have the annual Patatfees Dance at the high school – Last years performers, Christo & Cobus, were such a hit that they will be back again this year. Mark this in your diary - Date: 17 June 2011 at 19:00. Tickets are R100 p/p and can be purchased from Leahndie 0829603917. There will be a cash bar and platter can be ordered in advance.

On Fri 17th, you are invited to take part in the art ramble between 16h00 and 20h00.

Riek Creative will he serving free wine and live music by Brendan Kierman and the gallery currently has 27 artists from the region on exhibit. (Psssst - mention that you read the Napier Natter and you get 10% off any artworks from this gallery during Patatfees weekend).

Pascal's will be hosting the well known artist, John the Potter, - as well as Sue Hartuv with her beautiful mosaics.

Suntouched Inn offers the opportunity of enjoying an ice cold beer while appreciating an exhibition of photographs and other art works.

Our very own Linda Reyburn will be exhibiting at the Trading Post and Annie Maddocks pastels - as well as other artists' works, can be seen at Vindigo.

Why not pop in for a free glass of wine and a chat at The Gallery where you will be able to see many terrific works from local artists.

Artworks, wine and snacks will also be available at Chris Vilas studio on 5 Almond Street.

...and you though there was not much to do in Napier!!

Beverly's "Nasorg" needs your help.. please.

Riana Nolte and Aletta are going to be working with the kids at the after school centre during the coming holidays and they are asking Napierians to help by collecting (and delivering to Aletta's Gastehuis if possible):
Toilet rolls
Flattened carton boxes (eg. Corn Flakes boxes etc)
Any unused paint brushes (those used by children)
Poster paints
Old / reusable gift wrap.
This is your chance to help!!!

Lost and Found

Kate Neelmeyer would like to know if anyone has adopted a medium sized, neutered, ginger tabby cat recently. His name is 'Ginj" and he is 7 years old. He was last seen near 10 Escom street on the 21st of April, having declined to relocate to his new home near the OK in Sarel Cilliers street.

She would just like to know that he is safe and loved. If you have Ginj living with you, please let the Napier Natter know so we can put Kate's mind at rest.

This week in History

JUNE 15, 1215- King John of England signs the Magna Carta as a means to seal peace with his barons and ensure their feudal rights as well as maintaining the laws of the nation and upholding the freedom of the church. The signing of the Magna Carta paved the way for the democratic system in England that still exists today.
JUNE 17, 1885- The Statue of Liberty arrived in New York. A gift from France, the statue was shipped in over 200 crates and by October of the same year Lady Liberty would be on display to anyone entering the harbor. In 1939, King George was the first British monarch to visit the United States; the US defeated Japan at the Battle of Midway; John Wayne died in 1979; Boris Yeltsin became Russia's first popularly elected president in 1991.

Did you hear the one about....!

Complete set of encyclopaedia Britannica.
45 Volumes. Excellent condition.
R1000 or best offer.
Reason for sale: No longer required.
Got married last weekend.
Wife knows everything.

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