27 January 2012

Hello Napier

The Soapbox
As was expected, the last Natter created somewhat of a stir in Napier. I received quite a few responses from readers – some complimentary and others quite vitriolic in tone. This is exactly what I have always hoped the Natter will become – somewhere folks can freely share their divergent opinions and idea’s regarding matters pertaining to our village. The fact that not everybody agrees with what I share on the Soapbox is par for the course, democratic in the true sense of the word. I thought I would include two responses from either end of the spectrum and welcome anyone else to share their opinions with the Natter on this matter.

From Claus Von Schirp:
Hi Mark,just some comments on your last Natter. i am here in napier,or rather on a farm nearby.for the last 27 years and their are others,although less and less,who are here for much longer.i think it is a bit arrogant to say that napier now is a better place than 2 years ago or say 10 or 20 years ago.people of napier did not only start making a living in napier in the last 2 years.over the last 20 or so years people moved here because they liked the place and not because they wanted to change it.and believe me ,we also had lots to do and we might even had more fun here than now.there were for example probably more festivals ,and when i only think about activities in ilse`s barn alone. the great-grandfather of the current owner of wilmahof was already living here and you are here 2 years and tells him what to do.In the time i am here,i found that most newcomers only stay for a few years and than move on again and leave us with the changes which suited them.if peole would have thought like you say 800 years ago in europe,their would today be no ruins of castles for tourists from all over the world to visit and take pictures of.if you take the dirtroad to elim for about 8 km you will see on your left an old dilpidated shed.the farmer tells me that i wouldn`t believe how many tourists stop their to take photos from all angles,even lying in the dust to get a better shot.maybe it is the eurpean and american arrogance of telling libya egypt china,russia ,southamerica ,africa and a few other countries what to do and policing them.we are these days already controlled enough by an more and more orwellian state that we don`t need also to be controlled by our neighbours and fellow citizens.we might end up with a gestapo,stasi or kgb faster than we think.the next thing would be to lean heavily on uli riek,or me in this case that we must get a new bakkie because our old vehicle doesn`t fit in the new napier.
all the best
claus von schirp.

From Gunner at Gunners Lodge
Hi Mark, well done on last natter, it was very good. I especially like the Napier strip part...........this is the possible start of a new Napier marketing idea !!
On this strip you can't loose, only win !!! With all the fine eating places, Nicky knack shops, bakery, galleries, etc, etc great food for thought. Thanks
Keep it going

Getaway ... today!
In the latest issue (Feb) of Getaway magazine you will find a splendid article on Napier highlighting not only some of our restaurants and eateries, but also accommodation and fun things to do and see. Thanks Getaway!

The Marah Project: From Jenny MacDonald
A few years ago I saw a photo in a newsletter of an old lady holding up her grandchild to receive a brightly coloured shoebox filled with Christmas goodies. What struck me about the photo was that the grandmother received nothing. This photo has stuck with me. Therefore, this Christmas I am planning to have covered shoeboxes filled with goodies suitable for elderly folk over the age of 75 ready. These will be distributed on Christmas Eve. In order to do this I need to start now.

If you have shoe boxes or brightly coloured paper you don't need, please let me have them. I will be collecting small gifts with which to fill the boxes throughout the year so if you find you perhaps have unused gifts which you received and have no use for, please don't leave them lying in your cupboard because they can bring pleasure to some one else. I will be happy to collect or you can deliver any goodies to Rose at Gunners.

For further information, please contact Jenny on tel: 028 423 3439
or email: eieio@whalemail.co.za

The Red Windmill Nursery is in the process of becoming an indigenous and succulent Nursery. We have gradually been reducing our exotics and bringing in more indigenous species which are suitable for this area, or which are drought resistant. We have a couple of exotics left and these are now on a HALF PRICE SALE, WHILE STOCKS LAST. The following plants are on sale: English Honeysuckle (Lonicera), Duranta "Sapphire"; Cuphea; Ficus variegated; Ivy; Hibiscus, Westringia, Privet & Hebe.
For more info please telephone Dee at the Red Windmill on 082 462 8269.

The proof is in the pudding
Anne and Peter are relatively new to Napier and have bought a home at the Napier Retirement Village. Anne worked at CAR magazine for 19 years as PA to the editor and also put out a quarterly magazine called "Mind".

Anne says "If anyone in Napier wants someone to proof read their menus, newsletters, etc I am more than willing to do so. They can either email me at annepeter@webafrica.org.za or give me a call on 082 871 9831."

Silky Silkies
If anyone is looking to acquire young Silkie chickens, please contact Mark on 028 423 3146 as he has quite a few in need of a good home.

Now there's the rub...!
Most people in Napier know Annette as the girl who makes the beautiful white candles. But did you know she also does the most awesome Swedish style massages at really affordable prices. She learnt her trade while living in Israel and has a proper studio at her home. Try her, you will not be disappointed!
For bookings: 072 226 4317.

So French...at Pascal's of Napier!
Pascal's of Napier, with Mark and Stephen at the helm, is having its second birthday in March. To celebrate, the much loved Danielle Pascal will be returning to Napier once more on 17th March, in her latest show "So French", a selection of French Café songs. Danielle breathes new life into the old favourites of Edith Piaf, Jacques Brel, Cole Porter, Charles Trenet, Charles Aznavour, Juliette Greco and more and will also include songs from her platinum selling album "Parisette" including the hit single "Les chant des alisees" (Kinders van die Wind) You can also look forward to selected highlights from her recent smash hit show "Pascal Sings Eartha Kitt." Show includes a 3 course meal. Limited seats available. Bookings and prepayment essential 028 423 3146

On the subject of French...!
Sarah Foyle has French Tarragon available. Those in the know will tell you this herb is pretty hard to come by so drop in and pick up your little bit of France. She also has Thyme, Rosemary, Origanum, Chives, Shallots and many more. Contact her on 028 423 3358 or 073 265 4643

Seen through my car window
The Gallery in Napier has had a facelift. New colours on the outside and some great new artworks on the inside.

When last did you pop in? Well, why not do so on 3 February from 5pm onwards for a glass of wine - or 4 - to celebrate the new look !

For more info contact Helen Vale Xenos on 072 606 4022

People's Art
Martie Lochner Daneel from The Pink Tree will be offering art classes for children from 24th January 2012. Classes for pre-schoolers (4-6yrs) on Tuesday mornings and primary school kids (7-12 yrs) on Wednesday mornings. The kids will be kept busy while having fun and the classes promote self development and general art knowledge.

Daughter of artist Anna Lochner, Martie completed her degree in textile design and technology at Cape Peninsula Technicon. (Cum Laude) For more info please contact Martie on: 082 785 0656 or pop into The Pink Tree.

Patatfees time approaching.
Now that the Christmas season is over, it's time to start focusing on the 'Patat Festival'.
Herewith an update from Agulhas Tourism.
Napier community receives full support from Cape Agulhas Tourism for 2012 Napier Patatfees.

Cape Agulhas Tourism is proud to be invited to again partner with the Napier Patatfees in 2012. "This community driven festival is highly respected in the tourism industry and a great draw card to Napier. Every year it has delivered on its promise and continues to call visitors to our area," says Alison Coughlan, CAT CEO. "We are thrilled to be able to work closely with the committee and community to make this the best yet. We are offering extra resources (including human capacity) to assist with the organisation and offer any logistical and marketing support. Cognizance has been taken of the feedback received from last year's festival and the challenges and concerns of 2011 will be addressed and corrected". One of these challenges was logistical support on the festival days, when business owners are run off their feet. Cape Agulhas Tourism has made all staff available as well as students who are involved in CAT projects to assist and be extra hands. Monitoring and evaluation of visitor numbers and visitor experience will also be done with assistance from UCT's Dept of Social Sciences, a partner of CAT.

Cape Agulhas Tourism is mandated with marketing the region by Cape Agulhas Municipality. Events and festivals form an integral part of achieving this goal. A comprehensive database of all businesses in the region and activities is managed by the offices to ensure that the visitor has access to information and things to do. "While CAT members may receive extra benefits such as brochure space and websites, it is also our responsibility to ensure everyone in the region benefits from tourism", says Alison "we take our mandate very seriously and have partnered with a number of clubs and organizations such as Cape Craft Design Institute to develop skills and business opportunities for our communities". As a Local Tourism Bureau (LTB) Napier Tourism office will also receive full support from Cape Town Routes Unlimited as well as LTB's throughout the province. With the focus on mobilizing resources and maximizing the long arm of the tourism network, Napier is going to enjoy a bumper festival weekend.

Napier SAARP update
It is official, SAARP Napier is born. (For the uninitiated... this is the club for Retired Persons, or those over 50's who simply can't stop working!!)
Hermanus Club visited us, and got us so excited, that within 2 weeks of hearing all the wonderful things that could be offered to Club members, we had put Napier on the map, and our club now has a committee that is rearing to go!

We already have 12 signed up members, 10 from Napier and 2 from Agulhas nogal!! Our first club meeting is scheduled for 28 February 2012 (venue to be confirmed). We can't wait to share all the benefits with you, so come to our meeting and hear all about the fun meetings and outings, and share in the exciting information on grocery discounts converted into a Christmas bonus!! Also find out about advice pensioners often need, and great savings on items from holidays to insurance. It pays to be over 50!!! So watch this space for just what is going to happen at our first meeting, and where it will be held!

If you simply can't wait till then, and want to know more NOW, contact Lettie on 028-4233791 or Lindy on 028-4233834

Appeal for a good home - from Wynsome Kierman
This is an appeal for good homes for my 2 cats. Mother cat called Diva (spayed 2 yrs) mainly black with some white markings and her son, Jigme (neutered 1 yr) mainly white with black markings. Cats are very attached to each other. I have lived at 30 Hoog St Napier but have to move out end of January. They would love to be together. Please call me 0827739629 if you need to own lovely cats that are independent but affectionate.

This day in history (15 January)
98 - Trajan becomes Roman Emperor after the death of Nerva
1302- Dante becomes a Florentine political exile
1880 - Thomas Edison patents electric incandescent lamp
1918 - "Tarzan of the Apes," 1st Tarzan film, premieres at Broadway Theater
1924 - Lenin placed in Mausoleum in Red Square
1943 - 1st US air attack on Germany (Wilhelmshafen)
1944 - Leningrad liberated from Germany in 880 days with 600,000 killed
1945 - Russia liberates Auschwitz & Birkenau Concentration Camp (Poland)
1984 - 1st tape recorder sold
1967 - Treaty banning military use of nuclear weapons in space, signed
1973 - US & Vietnam sign cease-fire, ending longest US war & milt draft
1982 - "Joseph & the Amazing Dreamcoat" opens at Royale NYC for 747 performances
1992 - Pres candidate Bill Clinton (D) & Genifer Flowers accuse each other of lying over her assertion they had a 12-year affair

Quotable quotes
  • Take your life in your own hands and what happens? A terrible thing: no one to blame. - Erica Jong
  • There are two kinds of people, those who do the work and those who take the credit. Try to be in the first group; there is less competition there. - Indira Gandhi
  • The truth will set you free, but first it will make you miserable. - James A. Garfield
  • Happiness is not having what you want, but wanting what you have. - Rabbi H. Schachtel
  • The weak can never forgive. Forgiveness is the attribute of the strong. - Mahatma Gandhi
  • To err is human; to forgive, divine. - Alexander Pope


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