5 August 2016

Hello Napier

So much has changed in Napier in the last two years, so many new people have settled in our village and I have had so many requests from people to re-introduce the Napier Natter as a source of 'news' that will be of interest to locals. Of course, I have also had many people share their opinions of the Natter with me. Some wish it to be shorter with less info, others have suggested expanding it to include more items, perhaps including those from other surrounding regions. Some like a little controversy, others don’t. One thing many readers agree upon (and they have told me), is that they miss the Natter.

So, here we go again. I will try and put out a monthly/six weekly edition of the Napier Natter and I ask you all to contribute to the content. Send me your tit-bits, funny stories, security updates, upcoming events, items-for-sale, anything that may be of interest to the local community.

To start off, I will be sending the Napier Natter out to all on the original address list I have. Should you no longer wish to receive this newsletter, please just send me an e-mail requesting to be UNSUBSCRIBED. If you are not on the mailing list and you would like to be, send a mail request with "Please Add Me".

Some things to look out for:

Some of you may have noticed activity at "The Fox" opposite the petrol station. Well, there are new owners and they are getting the building all spruced up and ready to open a little later in the year. The Natter wishes them lots of luck and looks forward to the opening. Hopefully we will have more details in the next Napier Natter.

Also new in town is Oscar, opening up soon at the old Napier Media House building. Red carpet, glitz, coffee shop, hairdresser and bric-a-brac. Opening soon.

Napier's first indoor food market opens up on Friday afternoons and Saturday mornings in the old Rieks Gallery 1944 building on weekend 12 August.

Exciting times in Napier!


JD Bistro - Sunday 7th August -   Peasant Lunch consisting of a main course of 'fall-off-the-bone' lamb shanks in red wine and herbs served on "krummelpap". Includes dessert – BYO. - R125-00 p.p. booking essential 079 690 8727

Pascals of Napier - Friday 12 August from 7pm - an evening with one of South Africa's best known singer songwriters - Robin Auld. 
R215 includes a light meal. Pre-booking and prepayment essential
Check Pascal's webpage or call 028 423 3146 for further details.

Last Ha Ha:
Everyone is entitled to be stupid, but some abuse the privilege.

Look forward to hearing from you!!

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