2 June 2013

Hello Napier

The Soapbox
Holidays are always exciting - especially if visiting overseas lands, never before seen. Experiencing foreign cultures, immersing of oneself in new histories and folklore, indulging in decadent delicacies so different from our own, exhausting yourself as you speedily chase from one village to another, poking about each ruin, trying desperately to absorb the smells, the sounds and the atmosphere of each new place.

Ice cream makers turning their trade into an art form in Istikal Cadessi, Istanbul. Masses of rainbow colored tulips along the Bosporus. Exquisite hand-crafted thick yoghurt with wild honey on Samos. Paros hillsides carpeted in wildly growing, redder-than-red poppies. Windmills lazily turning and turning on Mykonos. Strains of Maria Callas dying a dramatic death as you sip your cocktail, watching the sun slipping away beyond the caldera in Franco's Cafe. Soaking up the warm sun on Santorini's black volcanic beaches.

And finally, as the excursion drew to an end in the long shadow of the Parthenon, the anticipation of sitting on our balcony in Napier, soaking up the warm sun was almost overwhelming. Home! That's definitely where the heart is!

After being closed for three weeks, Pascal's re-opened - and to our surprise so many of you from the village popped in to say "Welcome back - we missed you". And for that, we are grateful.
Thank you Napier!

Patatfees Looms!
It’s that time of year again where hoards (hopefully) of people descend on Napier for the annual Patatfees weekend. We have the usual half-marathon, the mountain bike race, stalls galore at the school of skills, art ramble and lots of entertainment in the form of music dances, donkey cart rides and more.
(Please check out www.napierpatatfees.co.za, the Patatfees Facebook page and “Dorplife” for details of what to expect this year)
And then there is the scarecrow competition, with really great prizes to win this year. Now, some of you are probably thinking “I’m not interested as there is nothing in it for me! Only the businesses benefit.” This is not true at all. Yes, the businesses do benefit, and this helps to ensure the survival of the village businesses, which means you have somewhere to shop, to eat and be entertained. The local school benefits hugely from the stalls and the annual dance. Money that is spent in the village ensures employment opportunities. Locals sell home produce, candles. Selling advertising space allows the survival of our local newspaper. As a village we all benefit in some way, whether it small or big.

So come on Napier, put in a little effort and make those beautiful scarecrows that have become such a talked-about feature of the annual Patatfees!

Thank you Bot Soc
The Napier Natter wishes to congratulate the Botanical Society for the sterling job they did in upgrading the roadside picnic spot on the Bredasdorp side of Napier. Beautiful indigenous trees were planted and the area is looking fantastic. There is also talk of reed umbrellas for the picnic tables. Again, this is something that benefits us all.
Thanks to all the members of the Botanical Society members and others who were involved.

Mark Smith has this contribution:

The Napier Patatfees is well under way in preparing for the long weekend in June.

Please know that a lot of dedicated people are working in the background to make this weekend a serious bonanza for the town. What I am thinking is that we need some more main road initiatives from our friendly and talented locals. Your reference to our amazing artists leads me to think that it would be such a fun weekend (in winter) to have art displayed all over. Why not put some easles up outside restaurants and have a genre/artist associate with that venue during the day and have them moved inside the venue and wall mounted at night? I personally would like to see the artists images inspire new dishes or desserts...the Renoir Reneesance cake could be fun? Please put your creative hats on and not only concentrate on scarecrows, but think of tree decorations and perhaps some of your goods on display for tourists to enjoy and buy.

The Half Marathon is a superbly well run (pun intended) and supported event. The mountain bike race is sure to bring a lot of weekenders too. The school is operating the stalls, Dorplife is doing our printing and advertising, and Noël has a team of dedicated portfolio holders all pulling together their own events within the weekend such as the classic cars, the pony rides, the tractors and more. Now it is over to the businesses to maximise the benefits, as well as all other locals who can pitch in. We need marshals for the MTB race, we need some ambassadors giving directions to the High School, we need the entire town to act as one. Contact Noël at the hotel if you see yourself available and willing

Open letter from THE BOT SOC
Searching for a way to mark the Centenary of the Botanical Society of South Africa the committee of the Southern Overberg Branch hit on the idea of improving the lay- by to the south of Napier and planting a tree in commemoration of the event.
We had no idea when one of the committee suggested this that we would start such an avalanche of good ideas and help from our community.

Lou spoke to Patrick who contacted the local councilor and to Eddie who spoke to Brian from Provincial Roads Dept. There appeared almost immediately a crew of workers tidying, fixing and painting. Tables and benches were painted gloriously blue and yellow, some drought resistant plants were brought along by Madeleine and Julian, and George from the Agri planted some small trees. All this before Christmas.

It was then decided to have a tree planting ceremony by the Bot Soc on Monday 20th May. A hole was dug for the Bot Soc tree. Some members decided to also plant in memory of friends and family. People driving by and seeing activity at the lay-by, hooted waved and stopped to see what was going on. Everyone wanted to be part of it.

By Monday we had 14 trees to be planted and an endless number of agapanthus, red hot pokers and other drought resistant plants to make flower beds. In the end it was a complete cross section of the village digging, composting and planting, laughing, talking and making further plans.

It would seem we are getting thatch over the tables for shade, there are plans for a display board, all the trees will be named and there may even be some lighting. George from the Agri is looking after the watering and the Botanical Society will take responsibility for the overall care.

So thank you to everyone for their enthusiasm and help. The Southern Overberg Branch of the Botanical Society feels that the centenary has been well and truly marked.

Keeping the home fires burning
Do you have firewood? I am helping the goat girls from Dragonfly Farm to get buyers for their wood. Please drop me a mail if you need wood!! Ina - ina@tambani.co.za

Fighting back
Even here in the Overberg we are at times confronted with crime, and sometimes that crime could include violent acts against the victim. Just recently a local resident was threatened at knifepoint for her money. What do you do in a situation like that? Is simply handing over the cash enough? Do you know how to defend yourself against possible bodily harm? This is not about becoming a black belt karate expert. Rather it’s about being taught a few basic self-defense “moves” that could save your life or protect you against bodily harm - and in extreme cases, rape.
We are looking to offer a weekly class over 3-months for those interested.
To ascertain the need for this type of class and to pick the best time for it (Tues or Thurs? 3.00pm or 5.00pm?) we ask that, should you are interested, to please drop Neville Cowan an e-mail at neville@cowanproperties.co.za with your suggestions. The cost of attend such a class will depend entirely on how much interest there is.

Marah Project - blanket appeal
Thanks to all the ladies who are busy crocheting, knitting or stitching knee blankets for folk over the age of 75. We would like to distribute these blankets by mid June so we would be grateful if we could have them before then.
I will gladly collect them. Please contact me on 028 423 3439

Computer Stuff
In the six years that I have been supporting computers in the area, one of the most serious causes of computers failing, is the amount of dust that collects under the CPU cooling fan.
If you equate the similarity to a car, it means that you have removed the radiator and blanked off the water pipes. Drive 10km and you will have seized the motor.

The Overberg has an extraordinary amount of dust and other particles in the air, particularly at sowing and harvest time. These get sucked into the computer via the cooling fans and find a place to rest.
The most problematic of these is the CPU cooling fan which can bring your PC to a grinding halt when it can no longer do it’s job.

There is no way that any outside party will know what is happening in your PC, no matter how long you stay on line.
If you get a phone call from someone telling you that you have all sorts of problems on your PC, don’t even engage them. It is a scam.
I’m not punting my business, but if you think you have been comprised with one of the phishing scams please call me or John Macdonald.
Mostly, the way that these ‘scamsters’ get your details is that you have your phone numbers splashed all over Skype, Facebook, Twitter and whatever other Social Media platform that you subscribe to.
Be circumspect, keep yourself private. Remove any form of personal detail from these applications.

A few Natter welcomes…
Lori and Elaine Hodgson have recently opened a Seeff office in Napier and we wish them a warm welcome from the Napier Natter.
Elaine says:
We have resided in Napier since 2009, and focus only on the village and have over 35 years’ experience in the property market. We will provide you with a high standard of ethical and professional Real Estate Service. Napier is an interesting and unique village with a diverse community and we are passionate about being in touch and connected to the people. Please call at our offices for a cup of coffee and chat about your needs or for a valuation.

Dirk and Marlene are the new owners of Gunners and the Natter wishes them a long and prosperous stay in Napier.

Shortly “The Little White Shop” next to Riek’s Gallery (the old Simone’s) will open it’s doors. Owner Janine promises Silver and Spice – and all things nice.
Silver jewellery, candles, décor pieces and gifts.
Welcome to the Napier family Janine.

Carpets Galore
The Napier Farmstall will be hosting another exciting carpet auction on Sunday 16th June (Patatfees Weekend) from 1.00pm sharp. If you need a bargain carpet, this is the place to get it. Diarize now!

Ponder this...
The real problem is in the hearts and minds of men. It is not a problem of physics but of ethics. It is easier to denature plutonium than to denature the evil from the spirit of man.
- Albert Einstein

The world breaks everyone, and afterward, some are strong at the broken places.
- Ernest Hemingway

There is nothing you can say in answer to a compliment. I have been complimented myself a great many times, and they always embarrass me - I always feel that they have not said enough.
- Mark Twain

An intelligent man is sometimes forced to be drunk to spend time with his fools.
- Ernest Hemingway

You are the music while the music lasts.
- T. S. Eliot

Good for a giggle
The Irish gave the bagpipes to the Scots as a joke, but the Scots haven't got the joke yet. ~ Oliver Herford

Q: Why do bagpipers walk when they play?
A: To get away from the noise.

Q. What's the difference between a bagpipe and an onion?
A. No one cries when you chop up an bagpipe.

Q. What did the bagpiper get on his I.Q. test?
A. Drool.


This day in history (2 June)
575 - Benedict I begins his reign as Catholic Pope
1780 - Anti Catholic demonstration attacks parliament in London
1780 - The Derby horse race is held for the first time.
1835 - P T Barnum & his circus begin 1st tour of US
1851 - 1st US alcohol prohibition law enacted (Maine)
1899 - Black Americans observed day of fasting to protest lynchings
1901 - Benjamin Adams arrested for playing golf on Sunday (NY)
1940 - Heavy German bombing on Dunkirk beach
1953 - Coronation of Queen Elizabeth II in Westminster Abbey
1964 - "Follies Bergere" opens at Broadway Theater NYC for 191 performances
1989 - "Dead Poets Society" starring Robin Williams, premieres

Any upcoming events or issue’s the village should be aware of?
Please let the Napier Natter have the details for inclusion in the next edition. info@napier.co.za

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