9 March 2012

Hello Napier

The Soapbox
We truly live in an amazing place. For a moment, think of those people cooped up in tiny flats with views of other tiny flats across busy streets. Think of those who have 8 foot high walls around their properties - who live as virtual prisoners and often do not even know who lives next door. Then walk out of your front door and remember where you are and how you live. Paradise? Almost - but lets be realistic. As great as our village is - and it is great - even Napier has its problems and issues. Each day I see and hear people bemoan the growing crime rate, the continuously escalating cost of electricity, water shortages (and there is Eskom of course!), service delivery - or rather the lack thereof! Now the question I would like to raise is, what do you - yes you - do about issues such as these? Do you sit on the residents committee? Are you an activist, arranging meetings and demonstrations, do you regularly and personally contact our councilor for answers? Or do most of us just bemoan our lot and leave the slog to others? Well, thank heavens there are people who are prepared to stand up and be counted, who fight the good fight on our behalf, who do hold those in power responsible and call them to account. Below you will find some of the recent correspondence between Mr. Patrick Seeton and various entities (who are paid salaries to do their jobs - Mr. Seeton is not, I may add!!) Next time you see him in the street, you may want to shake his hand and thank him!

Recently, Napier water "dried up" see correspondence from Mr. Seaton. (Read from top)
Good day Clr Warnick October and all other recipients copied because of their respective interests in what follows. It has been a dry and hot day in Napier today, Friday, 24 February, 2012, so dry in fact that the majority of residents had no water on tap from early morning to the time of this message (evening).

The issue of an adequate water supply for a town that has recently seen the completion of 250 RDP homes, a retirement village and the initiation of a skills training school has been raised on a number of occasions to be constantly met with assurances that all is well. This is simply NOT true and I only have to turn any tap anti-clockwise to receive confirmation of damning evidence that the charge stands.

At one meeting with Clr October I was given a timeline for the building of a new reservoir in the town. This was scheduled to be complete - it was said - by the end of April this year. I have seen nary a sign of even an advertisement calling for tenders. So, what has happened? Tenders were to close in December. The reservoir was to be complete by the end of April 2012, are we on the same calendar?

The Cape Agulhas Municipality has failed its constituents in Napier in a number of spheres but for now I focus on the water issue for this is vital, it lies at the core of a community's needs. Besides the domestic need for water what of firefighting needs - God forbid - and other health hygiene issues. The attitude appears to be, so, there is no more water, that's that, let's go home, the weekend is here!

If the municipality could send out electronic messages to its growing database of cell phone numbers that streets in Bredasdorp were to be under construction or that a council meeting is due to be held on Monday. Then too it could timeously inform Napier residents of frighteningly low dam levels to enable residents to prepare accordingly.

I rest my case for now, Sir, but you must be made aware that there is growing unrest in our minds that Napier is NOT receiving a fair deal and we intend to exert our rights to what the Constitution of this country declares we are entitled.

This is written for, and on behalf of the Napier Residents Association and we eagerly await a response, not so much about how we arrived at this sorry situation - that is in the past - but how and what is to be done to correct it, the short term, medium term and long term actions that are planned?

Thank-you for your time, Sir

Patrick Seeton
pp Napier Residents Association

Good morning Clr October ...
Thank-you for your early morning telephone call and regret to inform you we are now into our second day without water. I confirm the two of us will meet on Thursday a.m. to discuss a range of issues not the least of them being WATER.

All efforts to get Mr Deon Wasserman on the line this morning to get some sense out of this have failed. His telephone (cell) goes directly through to messaging and then cuts out before any message can be lodged. There just is NO communication. It smacks of a total lack of understanding as to how seriously we regard this matter. We need to know where we stand. We need to know what the problem really is, what is being done to resolve it and how soon. Are there contingency plans in place?

My current feeling is that our discontent on how this issue is being handled must be taken to a higher level. What is your feeling on this and where is this "higher level" at what address and what telephone number?

Thank-you for the manner in which you receive and understand our concerns.

PP for and on behalf of the Napier Residents Association.

Mr Seeton,
Unfortunately I was in Malmesbury on Saturday, but I attended to calls re Napier's water supply almost the entire morning although I am not on standby. Maybe you tried to phone me while I was busy with another call.

Although the reservoir levels were low, all consumers were supposed to have water on Friday and Saturday. Only on Saturday morning we were able to detect what the actual problem was. A chlorine tablet holder was sucked into the water mains and got stuck in the bulk water meter.

This caused the restricted flow to consumers especially in the higher lying areas.
Future projects to secure sustainable water supply are as follows:
1. Construction of a 1Ml reservoir
2. Development of more boreholes
3. Phase 2 of the upgrading of the water treatment works

The tenders for consulting engineers for the reservoir projects were advertised and awarded already. We plan to have the contractor on site by 1 July 2012. This project was delayed to utilize MIG (Municipal Infrastructure Grant) instead of internal funds.

Apologies for the inconvenience caused.
Deon Wasserman - Bestuurder: Water en Riool - Kaap Agulhas Munisipaliteit

Also from Deon Wasserman
"The reservoir project will probably be completed by January 2013. Funding has been secured.
The other projects need to be funded from future capital budgets.
I will request funding in the next financial year for possible approval by council."

Readers responses to the the soapbox story on Fleur's Dam - "Vandalism, racism … or both"

Patrick Seeton writes, in his personal capacity, the following
"Fleur of Jubileum Street" has rattled a few cages in this hamlet. See Napier Natter's Soapbox, "Vandalism, racism … or both" dated 10 February. I am not going to rehash the whole story. The headline got to the nub of the matter which revolved around feeding kids from Nuwerus, allowing them to swim in - I assume - a "leiwater"-fed dam. Then there was the fact that the dam was polluted with oil by a person or persons unknown but alluding to the perpetrator/s being from the more affluent part of the village thereby introducing an element of racism.

There appears to be NO proof as to who the perpetrator/s was/were. I hold they (the perpetrator/s) could also have been vengeful children disgruntled with being chased off because of the nuisance factor.

The latest Community Police Forum newsletter carries the following crime update
"We are getting reports that the 28 gang in Napier has been swelled by the arrival of some young men who were finding life in Cape Town a little too hot. We could therefore see a spike in crime. One wonders if they were responsible for breaking into and driving off with the well-known Pascal's red Jeep on the night of 27th February and breaking into another car also parked in our main street, (Sarel Cilliers). The good news is that the Jeep never got far as the immobiliser kicked in shortly after the vehicle was hot-wired but not before extensive damage was done to the canvas top and window. We understand that there are suspects and we hope arrests are imminent. This sort of crime could also be drug driven, another major problem in our town." - quote ends.

Napier is no different to other small towns on the platteland. Take for instance the accompanying photograph of a public notice widely distributed in the business centre. The same applies here; it is just not said loud enough. Food? There are no less than three outlets in Nuwerus providing food for children. No-one need go hungry in Nuwerus. To wrap this up on one page, I charge that by distributing one-sided/unfair/misleading information internationally on Napier as Fleur has done, has incurred harm and damaged our image. It would be naïve of anyone to accept, without question, Fleur's analysis of her experiences. Vandalism? Yes, but hitherto by person/s unknown. Racism? In the absence of evidence as to the identity of the "vandals", NO.

The Talmud tells us: "We do not see things as they are. We see them as we are."

Yvonne Kisane Writes:
"I just want to express how shocked and upset I was to read in the last Napier Natter that Fleur's dam had been polluted by oil just so you could stop the kids swimming in it. I cannot believe that in this day and age we still worry about the colour of ones skin and where people can and can't be - WAKE UP. How would you have felt if the situation had been reversed and you were treated like that?!! Besides, Fleur was doing a great bit for OUR community by keeping those kids off the street and out of trouble whereas most people have done nothing to assist with this, yet are the very same people who are quick to complain about the crime and what is being done about getting the kids off the street. My other major concern was what a disaster your spitefulness caused ecologically. Not only did you deny the pleasure of swimming for those kids but you affected other people as well (your neighbours, your community). These are the people in the properties further down the line that are supplied by the water from Fleur's dam and not to mention how reliant the environment (plant and animal life) rely on this water too. We are already experiencing issues with little water in Napier as it is and now these people will have to make use of our drinking water to do the job the water in Fleur's dam was providing. So, now that I have aired my viewpoint and disappointment, I would like to say that I also believe that there are always two sides to a story and somewhere in between there is the truth. Therefore, I would like to give you the opportunity to express your side of the story and why you decided to choose oil to throw into the dam. This way I do not have to be total judge on jury on the situation without hearing your side of the story. Look forward to reading your response in the next Napier Natter - you can leave a handwritten note under the door at Pascal's Restaurant if you still wish to remain anonymous.
Yvonne, Concerned Napier Resident"

Community Police Forum Newsletter
CLICK HERE to read the latest CPF newsletter.

Urgent - Nuwerus Nasorg/Aftercare needs your help!
Education IS the future and you can help. Volunteers are desperately needed between 2pm and 4pm in the afternoons to help kids at the aftercare with their homework. Please telephone Sheila on 028 423 3198 or Bev on 028 423 3993 if you can help this very worthwhile cause.

Napier Happenings

LIVE MUSIC - Yvonne @ Gunner's
Usually the first Friday of each new month, however this month I've had to make it the 2nd Friday. Come join in the Fun whilst listening to some "oldies" and new numbers too.
When: Friday, 9 March 2012
Where: Gunner's Mess
Time: 7pm onwards
Cost: None (however donations into the Pink Hat are welcomed & singing along helps the vibe)
Look forward to seeing the regular supporting crowd and hopefully some new ones too.

Free this weekend?
The Overberg Botanical Society and the Red Windmill present "Go Wild" on Saturday 10 March.
Lot's of fun, prizes, food, shopping, talks... AND MORE! For more info, contact Dee on 082 462 8269

A CAPE ODYSSEY - Presentation by Gabriel Athiros
Napier Retirement Village conference facility
22 March 2012
Time: 18h00 - 19h30
Glass of wine/juice to be served
Books to be on sale and copies of the latest Odyssey publication
Cost: R50 pp

SAARP Napier Social Club Meeting
27th March 2012 @ 14h00 - 16h30
at the Napier Retirement Village
Wine & Food Pairing Presentation and tasting.
Membership numbers have climbed to 42 in just a couple of months.
For info call Napier Media House 028423 3834.

Wedding Bells a-ringing!
Most of us in Napier know Allen Raubenheimer from the Toy Museum. Well, tomorrow Allen and his lady love, Edna, will be tying the knot. Napier Natter wishes you both tons of wedded bliss!

Security Tips from Eddie Cassani
"Emergency - Did you know the emergency number worldwide for mobiles is 112. If you find yourself out of normal coverage area for your mobile network and there is an emergency, dial 112 - the mobile will search any existing network to establish the emergency number for you.
NB!. This number can be dialed even if the keypad is locked."

"ATM PIN NO - If you are ever forced to withdraw money at a ATM by a criminal, use the PIN NUMBER IN REVERSE - (Example a real no of 1234 is keyed in as 4321.)

When used this way the ATM will dispense the money but, unknown to the criminals, the cops will be alerted by the ATM providers and they will be dispatched. "

Water is lewe: Bewaar dit, Respekteer dit, Geniet dit!
Nasionale Waterweek word gedurende 5-11 Maart gevier waar die fokus geplaas word op die belangrikheid om ons beperkte waterbronne te bewaar en volhoubaar te benut rondom die tema: Water is lewe: Bewaar dit, Respekteer dit, Geniet dit! Kaap Agulhas Munisipaliteit het 'n bewusmakingsprogram by Protea Primêr geloods en op Woensdag, 8 Maart gesels hul op hul weeklikse radio program op Radio Overberg oor die watergehalte van Kaap Agulhas. Burgemeester Richard Mitchell het die publiek aangemoedig om te poog om 15% op hul huidige waterverbruik te probeer bespaar.

Napier goes Green
Cape Agulhas Municipality and the Department of Environmental Affairs launched a greening program in Napier whereby approximately 2 070 indigenous trees will be planted within the Cape Agulhas area. This forms part of the Municipality's urban renewal program aimed at improving the existing environment. 450 trees have already been planted and the community are encouraged to care for the trees.

Verskoning vir Napier se wateronderbreking
Napier het voorverlede naweek vir 'n gedeelte van die Vrydag en Saterdag, 24-25 Februarie weens onvoorsiene probleme met die opgaardam. Weens gebarste pype was die watervlak van die opgaardam baie laag, maar was dit veronderstel om tog genoegsame water deur te laat. Ongelukkig het 'n obstruksie in die uitvloeiklep die watervloei verder ondermyn en het veral die hoogliggende areas wateronderbrekings ondervind. Die Munisipaliteit bied sy opregte verskoning aan rondom die aangeleentheid.

Register on SMS- database
You are invited to contact Cape Agulhas Municipality's Client Service division to add your contact details to the database for the distribution of service delivery messages via sms-messaging

Tune in to Radio Overberg 98.4 fm
Cape Agulhas Municipality weekly host a municipal program on Radio Overberg. Tune in to Radio Overberg on 98.4 fm every Wednesday at 11:00 in the morning and be kept informed on municipal programs and activities. Kaap Agulhas Munisipaliteit bied elke Woensdag om 11:00 'n uurlange program rondom munisipale aangeleenthede aan op ons eie plaaslike radio stasie, Radio Overberg. Skakel gerus in op 98.4 fm en verseker dat u op hoogte bly rondom die owerheid se aktiwiteite.

During the recent 're-vamp' at Riek's Gallery, someone lost a bunch of keys in the street outside the gallery. If anyone wishes to claim these keys, they are in safekeeping at Pascal's of Napier.

A set of house keys found. Green tag on the bunch. Call Napier Media House 028423 3834.

The time is right
Ove Scheuble writes "There is good news about the clock in our magnificent steeple. A project to coax the stately 1928 lady to display time more accurately has been launched. The council of our local Dutch Reformed Church has come to an agreement with Louis Nigrini (of Suidpunt Horlosies in Bredasdorp) to do the seasonal adjustments required by this type of clock mechanism. Change in temperature affects the action of the pendulum. Accurate time-keeping requires seasonal regulation.What is perhaps not so well known is the Louis is a son of Napier. He grew up on a part of Sandfontein farm that is now nicknamed Plein Street. Louis had his schooling here (in the old school, now the retirement village). Louis cares about our town.

How does one who lives and works 16 kms distant find out how efficiently time is being kept by our clock? He tells me it is quite simple: he 'phones the Church office which is directly opposite the church just moments before a new hour begins and then he asks Jenny to leave the phone off the hook. Now you know the answer: when he hears the hour being struck he compares it to the automatically updated computer time and that comparison gives him the accuracy of the clock."

Horse trail Safari's
Hermanus beach and mountain ride
1 Hour Beach ride R200 per person
1 Hour Mountain ride R200 per person
2 hour Mountain and Beach tides R400 per person
Sunset rides R400 per person per hour
DIRECTIONS: Hermanus Voelklip 17th avenue next to Nature Conservation
Website www.horsetrailsafaris.co.za
Transport for Wedding Matric Balls and any Special events
Contact Marlene 0827297776

Did you hair about ...?
Have you noticed the "new look" of many in Napier? Duane is changing Napier "one hair at a time" and his hairdressing skills are delighting those who consult him
Call 084 627 1926

Turning up the heat - A note from the residents association
It does not take much to realise that we are in the driest time of the year and that the fire risks are at a very high level. Please be very careful when using any open flame and watch those braai fires carefully, especially on windy days. Also should you see anyone dropping a cigarette butt out of the window of a car please take the registration number and either telephone 021 424 7715 to report it or alternatively you could post the incident on www.reportacrime.co.za

Last year a project was run to collect the details of people that would be prepared to assist if George de Kock and his fire teams are called out to any significant blaze. If anyone is no longer able to assist with this initiative or indeed if there are new people in town that would like to be part of the initiative, please respond to this e-mail so that we can contact you and get your details onto our database.
We have been very lucky this year and have had no significant fires but we cannot be too careful; our rains are still some way off.

Donkey Days - a plea by Sue Morley
Last Monday Sarah Foyle and I went to a lectures and practical concerning donkeys, organised by the ESELJIESRUS Donkey Sanctuary in McGregor. The venue for the day was just outside Franschhoek at state of the art Drakenstein Veterinary Centre where they specialise in top class race horses, and other equines. We learnt so much from Dr Andrew Trawford, Director of Veterinary Services in Devon, UK and Dr Nicole du Toit, equine specialist based in Tulbach. The workshop topics included hoof care, parasites, nutrition, dental care / pathology.

Later we moved to a venue in Franschhoek itself where the owners are caring for 4 donkeys from Eseljiesrus, and where we had a practical course on how to handle donkeys, put on halters, look into their mouths, pick up their feet and check for any parasites. All four were very obliging and enjoyed being pampered! I am telling you all this because we too would like to foster two donkeys from the Sanctuary where they are running out of space. There is land enough here but we need to build a wind/rain proof shelter, and of course ensure that they are safe from any intruding animals in the way of a strong fence.

So Naperians - any sponsorship would be greatly received as these poor working donkeys need a good life with no work involved, just food, water and loving care. Please send your donations to Lindy Warren at the Media House in Napier - and we will keep you all informed as to when the venue is ready and will have a great welcoming day for two dear donkeys.

This day in history (9 March)
1497 - Nicolaus Copernicus 1st recorded astronomical observation
1522 - Marten Luther preaches his Invocavit
1562 - Kissing in public banned in Naples (punishable by death)
1796 - Napoléon Bonaparte marries Joséphine de Beauharnais
1834 - French Foreign Legion is founded.
1841 - US Supreme Court rules Negroes are free (Amistad Incident)
1882 - False teeth patented
1949 - England beat South Africa by scoring 174 runs in 94 minutes
1953 - Josef Stalin buried in Moscow
1959 - Barbie, the popular girls' doll, debuted, over 800 million sold
1961 - 1st animal returned from space, dog named Blackie aboard Sputnik 9
1991 - "Les Miserables," opens at Lyric Theatre, Brisbane
2006 - Liquid water is discovered on Enceladus, the sixth largest moon of Saturn
2011 - Space Shuttle Discovery makes its final landing after 39 flights

Quotable quotes
  • I don't go around regretting things that don't happen. - Virgil Thomson
  • Absence sharpens love, presence strengthens it. - Thomas Fuller
  • Great art is never produced for its own sake. It is too difficult to be worth the effort. - Robert Quillen
  • There are no lines in nature, only areas of color, one against another. - Edouard Manet
  • Why resist temptation? There will always be more. - Don Herold

The Last Laugh (George Carlin)
If lawyers are disbarred and clergymen defrocked, doesn't it follow that electricians can be delighted, musicians denoted, cowboys deranged, models deposed, tree surgeons debarked, and dry cleaners depressed?

If people from Poland are called Poles, why aren't people from Holland called Holes?

Isn't making a smoking section in a restaurant like making a peeing section in a swimming pool.

Do infants enjoy infancy as much as adults enjoy adultery?

Ever wonder about those people who spend R30.00 a piece on those little bottles of Evian water? Try spelling Evian backwards: NAÏVE

Ciao till next time

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